To join a fun and creative team of individuals who strive to make awesome projects. I am an artist who has a passion for animation with a deep love for drawing, illustration, and design. My goal is to grow as a more efficient artist and further my digital skill-set.

Personal Skills
•Driven by a desire to learn and improve myself through hard work and a dedicated passion to my craft
•Able to work individually or on a team
•Works well under pressure
•Very strong attention to detail
•Creative problem solving skills
•Willing and quick to learn new techniques and software packages to maximize efficiency
•Creative, Organized, and Efficient
•Motivated by challenges
•Communicates ideas effectively and clearly

Work Experience
Full Sail University Internship 2D Animation
•Premier mentor for student development and their advancement in 2D animation. Guided students in implementing the 12 basic principles of animation into their projects. Taught and assisted students in setting up the camera to shoot their work along with exporting their shots to the appropriate file formats required.

SIGGRAPH 2008 Student Volunteer
•Nationally held contest that provided winners full access to SIGGRAPH events and the computer animation festival. Actively worked on a team that ensured the best possible experience and safety for thousands in attendance. Guided, directed, and informed attendees of events taking place along with locations of events.

Fullers Country Store
•Designed custom made labels for candles and other products
•Assisted in production, marketing, graphic design, photography, and assembly of corporate identity.

Summarization of past work
Through my previous 15 years of work, I have been a leader, trainer, and take pride in my work and ability to learn new tasks quickly. My diverse background has led me to learn how to resolve conflict, handle high stress, think creatively and strategically, and implement ideas into action.

Course Directors Awards (Full Sail University)
•2D animation – Awarded for a winning attitude and outstanding worth ethic
•Animation Pre-Production – Outstanding work ethic

MTV/MasterCard Priceless Edge Essay Contest Winner (Nashville)
•Nationally held contest by MTV and Music in High Places. Was selected in top 50 spot of 25,000 entrants. Rewarded with a paid, month long music internship at Belmont University. Assembled EPK packages along with providing creative contribution to Big and Rich.

Aim Idea Competition Winner (SSFCU)
•Proposed innovations to improve accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness in business practices for the SSFCU company website and software.

Software Experience:
•3DS Max
•Final Cut Studio Pro
•After Effects
•Unreal Editor

Full Sail University
Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation
Course Directors awards for 2D animation and Animation pre-production

San Antonio College
AA/AS degree in Art and Music (continued education)
Academic Achievement Award for GPA

Kathy Blackmore
2D Animation Course Director – Full Sail University

Dustin Murphy
IT Specialist and Trainer – Auburn University

Michael Ybanez
MCC Supervisor – Security Service Federal Credit Union

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