I am intrigued by the history and art of animation whether its 2D or 3D.  Some of my earliest memories are of watching Saturday morning cartoons, Disney animated features, Warner Bros. cartoons and many more.  I’m fortunate enough to have found a career that challenges me on a daily basis and lets me have fun while meeting those challenges.  I truly enjoy what I do and I feel this quote applies to my life.

“Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

So here’s a little bit about my past.  As a kid born in the 80s I grew up in the arcade and played Atari games at home along with the ColecoVision.  I loved my childhood and I feel lucky that I got to grow up in such a rapidly changing time.  I love all of the bad hair bands, cheesy movies, and awesome cartoons and toylines that the 80s spit out for all of us to consume.  So if you ever want to talk 80s anything, i’m always down!

While growing up I remember drawing baseball players from the cards that I had. I also drew animals which included Dinosaurs (who doesn’t love Dinosaurs as a kid) along with any cartoons or Disney characters that I liked.  I have to say that I love Disney and what they’ve done for the field of animation.  It wouldn’t be what it was today without the 9 old men and Walt’s persistence to do what he wanted and to never give up.  2D always has a nostalgic feeling for me.  One of my all time favorite Disney movies is the Sword in the Stone.  However there are countless others that have inspired me as well.

I’ll try to save you the long story and I’d be surprised if you even read this far, lol.  To make a long story short; I knew I wanted to be an animator at 5 and although I would get discouraged and intimidated by many of the greats at Disney such as Milt Kahl (my favorite animator) Ollie Johnston, Frank Thomas, Fred Moore, Glean Keane, Eric Goldberg, etc,  I eventually found my groove and am continuing to push myself to be better as an artist/animator and just overall in life.  I love learning and always look for opportunities to grow artistically and individually.  Animating is my passion and I look forward to one day teaching others about such a great art and helping them to develop into great animators just as others have and continue to do for me!


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